Saturday, March 20, 2010

SL DJ ? Whats the deal...


Lets talk about SL dj's?

Look I have been on SL for what... lets say 5 months?

I have been to enough events to suss out the DJ scene. Which by the way is something I do because I am a RL DJ so i pay allot more notice to them than other people do. Well apart from there slutty groupies lol.

So anyways, there is a mixture of DJ's on SL and to tell you the truth. None really worth mentioning. Look I am sorry to come across like this for any of my DJ friends who come across this blog and be like "Wtf Zee?! your my mate! aren't i good!!?? you come to my events!? wtf"

Look! your good and you get the job done. But you don't jump off the page for me sunshine. Im sorry.

Look all you DJ's on SL that have a stream and a few programs or even just iTunes trying to be fancy it doesn't cut it. Maybe as a SL Jukebox you hot.

To all the DJ's spinning RL cd's and vinyls. /me bows to you.

To all the DJ's who sound hot on the mic. /me loves you.

To all the DJ's who bring new beats and respect the old school. /me respects you

To all the DJ's beatmatching and scratching. /me knows your a DJ

But you might be saying right now "Hey Zee?! wtf dude i cant afford DJ decks and etc. Im just working with what ive got"

Then I guess *SHRUG* wtf do i say to that. Props to you then. But don't act like your something special, thats all.

x Z

btw I DJ on RL/SL: RnB/House/80's

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