Friday, March 19, 2010

Where have i been? "GOR".


I really need to get to grips with myself. How could I allow my blog to become so old and stale?

Yes, there is an answer to this its simple.. "GOR"

Thats right, I have found myself dragged into the world that is known as GOR and is a Roleplaying from the collection of John Norman books.

Didn't know SL was so big on GOR... well anyways it's like im talking to a noob. I hope my readers are a little open minded.

So where do i start?

Look GOR is not a simple.. "Im Master you are slave.. oops i mean Kajira... stfu! Kneel down! and open my packet of MnM's" kinda RP. You really need to immerse yourself into it.
GOR is not for the beginner RP'r lets make this clear. It needs practise and experience.

So I found myself wandering over GOR sims and came across a Kajira (a slave girl)who was willing to cater to a noob like me hahaha. I guess its the Australian voice on comms that gets me what I want in SL. Anyways this girl (i wont reveal her name) gave me all the notecards i needed (all the volumes of GOR) and she also spent time working on my appearance. You most definitely can't stroll into GOR wearing board shorts and expect to be taken serious.

So I was all set and ready to take on the world of GOR. So i
Diving in head first made things hard and I found it difficult the first 2 weeks. Then I found out allot about GOR and realised that you need to be strategic.

Strategic? what do you mean? you ask. Well...

Step 1: Start reading the Books (i bought a few off ebay for 8$Aus, easier to read than squinting at notecards)

Step 2: Don't be shy to ask a GOR rp'r what roles you can decide to play out. (I chose Slaver, something about surrounding myself with kneeling woman that has me tingling all over)

Step 3: Find out what GOR book covers your Role and see if you can get any unique quotes from the book and keep em handy on a notecard.

Step 4: Now that you know who you want to be and have some key material in your firepower. Get dressed according :) (Dont be shy to inspect others who RP your role or ask them politely to share some info on best stores to shop at)

Step 5: See if you can get any Tours around villages. Become aware of the surroundings and the people. take time to mingle in the crowd. Or even ask a fellow RP'r if they could a copy of there last scenario.


Step 6: Go for it... I mean seriously... dont be shy and just go in and have fun. Try to RP your character and copy all your sessions on NC's to review later. Always helps to look over and go "Hmmm i could of said that differently. Ooouh really like how i said that. Maybe i could of emoted abit more between that sentence" Analyzing your RP scenarios makes a big difference.
Open up a NC and build your characters story. So even if you log for a week you can come back on open the NC inspect your characters story and continue on.

Well look... thats as far as I have gone. I really haven't built my characters story up and really haven't progressed all that far. But it has been fun so far and i'll keep you updated.

and "YES" if you are a Kajira... flick me a msg. lol

x Z

p.s: Here is a picture @ my house that i have re-styled so i can immerse myself.

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